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Amalfi Coast Rubbish Free Campaign

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Naples has been on the front page of the newspapers for a few months now and not for its undeniably wonderful views and friendly people. The city and the province are going through an emergency situation with regards to rubbish collection and disposal. A serious problem which makes us sympathise with the inhabitants of the area and the intolerable conditions in which they are living and demand action in order to resolve the problem.

The aim of these pages is different however. We aim to show you that the Amalfi Coast has not been affected by this problem. Rubbish is collected regularly and there is none to be found littering the streets. The hygiene situation is under control and the recycling of rubbish is taking place in nearly all districts.

Our aim is simply to show you that the Amalfi Coast is still as you dreamed.

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Last interview: 13 March 2008

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