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The meeting point for young people on the Amalfi Coast

Atrani is without a doubt one of the most characteristic and enchanting locations on the Amalfi Coast. A small town right on Amalfi’s doorstep, it is probably one of the smallest municipalities in Italy. It covers only 0,20km2, and has preserved all of the typical characteristics of an Italian fishing village.

Houses are built in close proximity to one another and are still painted with lime in bright colours typical of southern Italy. They have tiny balconies covered in flowers and are connected by intricate roads and flights of stairs. These roads and stairways so impressed M.C Escher that they inspired him to write some of his more famous graphic works (his reproduction of the Church of the Maddalena is well known).

Today Atrani is an international tourist destination especially for the younger crowd due to the cheaper accommodation available here and to its proximity to Amalfi. Tourists from Denmark, England and Australia have discovered Atrani’s beauty and start to arrive as early as the spring, when the climate is already mild.

The wonderful Piazza Umberto, where the inauguration ceremony of the Doge of the Republic of Amalfi once took place, is now the centre of the town’s nightlife and has several bars and restaurants where you can sit outside. In the summer Atrani is one of the most frequented towns on the Amalfi Coast especially by youngsters and tourists creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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